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All About Hors d’oeurves – the Food Before the Meal

Hors d’oeurve, or as we usually spell and say it, hors d’oeuvres,are small portions of food served before a meal to accompany drinks, alchoholic or otherwise. In the United States, we tend to use the term hors d’oeuvre interchangeably with appetizer.


Add Sizzle to the Grilling Season with Mojo

There are many types of commercial mojo sauces available in America, but you can’t beat creating your own. Get your mojo with this great recipe for Mojo Marinated Grilled Turkey.


Don’t Forget the Cole Slaw

Every cook has a cole slaw recipe. Some are mayonnaise based, others use oil and vinegar. They’re made with chopped onion, celery, peppers, pickles, herbs, bacon, or other ingredients. But they all include cabbage. For a change of pace, try our recipe for pepper-based Fiesta Slaw.


Let Him Eat Steak! Great Steak Recipes for Father’s Day

It’s a fact. Dads love steak. Many people incorrectly assume that lean cuts of beef aren’t flavorful or juicy, but many of America’s favorite cuts are lean. Give Dad what he really wants with these flavorful recipes, perfect for the grill.


The Secret’s in the Marinade

Marinades are especially popular during the grilling season. They enhance tenderness as well as taste. Enjoy these recipes for Raj-Style Marinade and Polynesian Marinade.


A Super Steak Salad

Americans love beef. Eating most foods is fine in moderation, and this includes a nice piece of juicy beef. And what tastes better at a summer barbecue than grilled steak?


Go Asian With A Meatless Satay

Grilling is great, but backyard cooking can be a challenge when you want to emphasize vegetables and legumes. Try these tasty Kebabs with Peanut Dipping Sauce.


A Sicilian Main Dish For Al Fresco Dining

While outdoor cooking is mostly casual, it is good to remember that outdoor eating may be anything from an impromptu, ant-invaded roadside picnic to a carefully arranged and romantic candle-lit dinner on fine china. Includes recipe for Grilled Red Pepper and Spinach Antipasto.


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