Eat Up Slim Down Annual Recipes 2003 Book Cover Image

Featuring the latest tried-and-true recipes and tips from real weight-loss winners.

Not only will you get deliciously healthy recipes in Eat Up Slim Down Annual Recipes 2003, you'll find motivating stories and practical tips from real people who have lost weight; profiles of three "hot" and "effective" weight loss plans; strategies that may work best for you; how to turn on weight-loss with your hormones; and festive menus to help you entertain and still stay on track with your weight loss/maintenance program.

The recipes are divided into four broad sections: Hearty Meals (Oven Dinners, Stove-Top Suppers, Side Dishes), Lighter Fare (Soups and Salads, Meatless Meals, Breakfasts and Breads), Easy Entertaining (Shakes and Smoothies, Dips, Pizzas, and Tortillas, Grills, Casseroles, and Chilis) and Desserts (Cookies, Bars, and Tarts, Cakes, Pies and Fruit Bakes, Puddings, Parfaits, and Frozen Treats). Full of cooking tips, shopping savvy and weight loss strategies, each recipe has a complete nutritional analysis with exchanges.

Eat Up Slim Down Annual Recipes 2003 is filled with color photos of many of the recipes, along with personal anecdotes about each recipe from a weight-loss winner. The "Eat Up Slim Down" program can be found at This is one of my great (non-diabetes) eBay finds this year and I heartily recommend it as worthy of your time and attention.

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ISBN: 1579546668
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