Meatball Recipes

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Meatball Recipes

Meatballs are easy to make, easy to store and can be used for a variety of great dishes and occasions. You can serve meatballs as appetizers, put them in soup, on a sub roll, or stuffed in a pita. And, oc course, you can serve them over pasta. Meatballs are also easy to freeze, so you can just pull some out when you need them. They also hold up well in chafing dishes and crock pots, which makes them great for parties. They can be made from turkey, pork, beef, lamb – just about any type of meat. These diabetic-friendly meatball recipes include nutritional information for easy meal planning.

Meatball Recipes


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Hoisin-Whiskey Glazed Meatballs

Hoisin sauce, also called Chinese barbecue sauce, adds a lot of flavour and helps to thicken this Asian-inspired glaze. Recipe for Hoisin-Whiskey Glazed Meatballs from our Appetizer recipe section.

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