Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

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Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

With all the talk of the turkey, more often than not, it’s the desserts and sweets that people remember the most from their Thanksgiving dinner. This year, give your guests something to remember, from apple pie and apple-cranberry crisp to creamy pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie. Any of these pie recipes would be a great choice for your Thanksgiving dessert and they include nutritional information that makes it easier to fit into your diabetic-friendly menu and meal plan.

Thanksgiving Pie Recipes


Cranberry-Almond Tarts

Cranberries and almond nestled in a flaky pastry make a sweet ending for a holiday party. Recipe for Cranberry-Almond Tarts from our Desserts recipe section.

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Coconut Custard Pie

A baked custard pie with less calories because it’s sweetened with Equal and made with 2% milk. For added coconut flavor use the optional coconut extract. Recipe for Coconut Custard Pie from our Dessert recipe section.

Chocolate Cream Pie

A rich chocolate pie that has 43% less calories than a traditional recipe, because it is flavored with Equal, unsweetened cocoa and lower fat milk. Indulge without the guilt! Recipe for Chocolate Cream Pie from our Dessert recipe section.

Pumpkin Pie

Recipe for Pumpkin Pie from our Desserts recipe section.


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