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Burger Recipes

You may not think that burgers are sandwiches, but they are the most commonly eaten hot sandwich in America. According to PBS Newshour, Americans eat three hamburgers a week on average. That amounts to a total of nearly 50 billion burgers per year, nationally! This collection of burger recipes offers healthier versions of classic burgers as well as new styles. You’ll find burger recipes that use pork, turkey, beef, beans and more. Recipes include nutritional information to make meal planning for diabetes easier.

Burger Recipes


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Chipotle Pepper Jack Sliders

Lean ground beef mini-burgers, or sliders, are kicked up with chipotle chili and topped with spicy pepper jack cheese. Recipe for Chipotle Pepper Jack Sliders from our Sandwiches recipe section.

Turkey Burgers

Recipe for Turkey Burgers from our Sandwiches and Wraps recipe section.

Hawaiian Burgers

Recipe for Hawaiian Burgers from our Sandwiches and Wraps recipe section.


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