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Diabetic Cooking: Methods for a Healthier Diabetic Diet

For a person living with diabetes, learning to use healthier cooking techniques is an important step in developing healthy eating habits.

While making smart food choices is an essential element of diabetic meal planning and preparation, choosing smart cooking methods plays a huge role in defining what your finished product in the kitchen will be.

Even the healthiest foods can be turned into a nutritional nightmare based solely on the way you cook them.

The following methods are among the healthiest you can choose and are used throughout Diabetic Gourmet Magazine and The Diabetic Gourmet Cookbook.

By familiarizing yourself with these cooking techniques and practicing them by preparing our diabetic-friendly recipes, you may be able to modify the preparation of other recipes to your nutritional benefit.

Broiling: Broiled Rainbow Trout with Lemon Oil and Oven-Grilled Vegetables

Broiling is similar to grilling, but the heat source is positioned above the food. Foods such as meat and poultry can be placed on a metal broiler pan that allows fat to drip away. Try it yourself with this Broiled Rainbow Trout recipe (see photo).

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Diabetic Cooking: Methods for a Healthier Diabetic Diet