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Lemon-Herb Penne

If you are entertaining this summer and need a simple yet elegant pasta dish to serve your guests, this is the one. This dish takes as long to prepare as you cook your pasta. Simply wonderful. Preparation Time: 15 minutes.“Cook Time: 10 minutes. Recipe for Lemon-Herb Penne from our recipe section.

Pumpkin Risotto

Recipe for Pumpkin Risotto from our Side Dishes recipe section.

Southwest Pasta Salad

The flavors of Southwest are a mixture of flavors from cool and creamy, hot and spicy, and a dash of sour tartness. A must have at any picnic. Recipe for Southwest Pasta Salad from our recipe section.

Caraway Roasted Beets

Serving size: 4 beet quarters Recipe for Caraway Roasted Beets from our Side Dishes recipe section.

Braised Endive

Recipe for Braised Endive from our Side Dishes recipe section.

Beets Dijon

Recipe for Beets Dijon from our Side Dishes recipe section.


Recipe for Succotash from our Side Dishes recipe section.

Spaghetti Oriental

If Thai chiles are unavailable, seeded jalapeno chiles can be substituted. Recipe for Spaghetti Oriental from our recipe section.

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