Tomato Recipes

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Tomato Recipes

Did you know that the tomato is America’s fourth most popular fresh-market vegetable behind potatoes, lettuce, and onions? You’re going to find a lot of great tomato recipes here that make use of both fresh and canned tomatoes, including Cream of Tomato Soup, Gazpatcho Soup, Bruschetta, Marinara Sauce, Broiled Tomatoes Parmesan and much more.

Tomato Recipes


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Grilled Citrus Chicken Skewers

These Grilled Citrus Chicken Skewers are a great way to start the grilling season. Recipe for Grilled Citrus Chicken Skewers from our Main Dishes recipe section.

Ten-Minute Gazpacho

Many nutrition experts advise choosing vegetables and fruits in deep colors – dark green, yellow, orange and red. Since different colors often indicate the presence of different phytochemicals, eating a rainbow of colors is a good way to bolster your health defenses. Recipe for Ten-Minute Gazpacho from our Soups recipe section.

Vegetable and Bean Soup

Easy substitution: To make this soup completely vegetarian, substitute vegetable broth for the chicken broth, and additional olive oil for the butter. Recipe for Vegetable and Bean Soup from our Soups and Chowders recipe section.

Sirloin Steak and Tomato Salad

This recipe is an excellent source of protein, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, selenium and zinc; and a good source of iron. Recipe for Sirloin Steak and Tomato Salad from our Main Course recipe section.


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