Holiday Dessert Recipes

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Holiday Dessert Recipes

This collection of holiday dessert recipes will help you treat your guests to something special. Recipes include cheesecakes to tarts, coffee cakes, cookies, pies, frozen desserts and so much more. All of these diabetic-friendly dessert recipes include nutritional information for easier meal planning.

Holiday Dessert Recipes


Mint Cheesecake Bars

This bar cookie pairs a crunchy graham cracker with a creamy mint-flavored cheesecake filling to create a sumptious, dessert.

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Lemon Creme Macaroons

Meringue-like cookies are sandwiched with a zesty lemon cream. Recipe for Lemon Creme Macaroons from our Desserts recipe section.

Strawberry Panna Cottas

Reduced-carb panna cotta that everyone will love! Recipe for Strawberry Panna Cottas from our Desserts recipe section.

Cranberry-Almond Tarts

Cranberries and almond nestled in a flaky pastry make a sweet ending for a holiday party. Recipe for Cranberry-Almond Tarts from our Desserts recipe section.


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