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Sweetener Recipes

Diabetic-friendly recipes that use various types of alternative sweeteners, such as Splenda, Equal, xylitol and Stevia. You’ll find recipes that use artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which have been widely-used for decades, as well as natural sweeteners like monk fruit that are gaining popularity in recent years. Recipes include mostly desserts and beverages, but include sauces (like sugarfree barbecue sauce), main dishes, soups and side dishes as well.

Sweetener Recipes


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Pomegranate Jelly

Bottled pomegranate juice makes takes the work out of making this exotic ruby red jelly. Make an extra batch for holiday giving. Recipe for Pomegranate Jelly from our Sugar Free Jam and Jelly recipe section.

Sugar-Free Blueberry Granita

Fresh blueberries are sweetened, pureed and frozen to create this simple, delicious dessert. Recipe for Sugar-Free Blueberry Granita from our Desserts recipe section.

Low Carb Raspberry Jam

This intensely flavored, sugar free raspberry jam is easy to make. Recipe for Low Carb Raspberry Jam from our Diabetic Jam Recipes recipe section.

Sugar Free Strawberry Jam

This recipe makes 3 half-pint jars of amazing, homemade sugar free strawberry jam. Recipe for Sugar Free Strawberry Jam from our recipe section.


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