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Penne Recipes

Penne is a short, tube shaped pasta, with ends cut at an angle. Penne also has ridges along the sides, which helps sauce cling to it. This section features recipes that contain penne, either as part of a dish or as the featured part of a dish. One cup of penne pasta contains about 43 grams of carbohydrate, 2.5 grams of fiber and 200 calories. It is low in fat. The penne recipes in this section provide nutritional information to help with diabetic meal planning.

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Easy Pantry Tuna Penne

Serving Note: If you prefer, divide the pasta among 6 plates, then top with sauce. Recipe for Easy Pantry Tuna Penne from our Main Dish recipe section.

Lemon-Herb Penne

If you are entertaining this summer and need a simple yet elegant pasta dish to serve your guests, this is the one. This dish takes as long to prepare as you cook your pasta. Simply wonderful. Preparation Time: 15 minutes.“Cook Time: 10 minutes. Recipe for Lemon-Herb Penne from our recipe section.

Penne Mediterranean Delight Salad

Hummus makes a very delicious and different pasta salad dressing. This recipe can serve as a filling lunch salad. If the mixture is dry, drizzle some additional olive oil to moisten. Add the pine nuts just before serving. Recipe for Penne Mediterranean Delight Salad from our Salads recipe section.

Penne all’Oriental

Thai peppers are tiny, spicy and full of flavor. If you would like to bring down the heat a bit in this dish omit a portion of the peppers. If you like it spicy, two of these firecrackers are quite a kick. Recipe for Penne all’Oriental from our Main Courses recipe section.


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