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Apple Recipes

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! These diabetic-friendly recipes using apples include desserts, soups, snacks, main dishes and more. You’ll find reduced-carb, sugar-free and low-carb recipes for apple pie, apple tart, chicken with apple, apple cider dishes, mulled cider and more. Recipes include the nutritional infomation you need, such as carbohydrate and fiber, to help with diabetic meal planning.

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Cinnamon Apple Crackers

Crisp graham crackers topped with a layer of cinnamon spiced cream cheese and sliced apples for a quick and tasty treat. Recipe for Cinnamon Apple Crackers from our Dessert recipe section.

Granny Smith’s Apple Crisp

A perfect warm dessert to serve a cool autumn day. Recipe for Granny Smith’s Apple Crisp from our Dessert recipe section.

Miniature Apple Muffins

With the right amount of spice and a sprinkling of raisins, these bite-size muffins have the flavor of an old-fashioned apple cake. Recipe for Miniature Apple Muffins from our Breads recipe section.

Roast Leg of Pork with Glazed Dried Fruits

Fresh leg of pork is a richly-flavored roast that will let you feed a houseful of hungry guests effortlessly. Served with a mixture of dried apricots, apples and other fruits, the richness of this “wow them” centerpiece is balanced with a touch of sweetness. Recipe for Roast Leg of Pork with Glazed Dried Fruits from our Main Dishes recipe section.

Apple Pie

Recipe for Apple Pie from our Diabetic Desserts recipe section.

Red Cabbage with Apples

An elegant side dish can make any good meal great. This colorful crisp cabbage dish is light, bright and the perfect complement to any meal. Recipe for Red Cabbage with Apples from our Side Dishes recipe section.

Spiced Apple Butter

This recipe is sugar free, has 48% less calories and no fat. So go ahead and enjoy it on bread, cottage cheese or crackers. It can be frozen up to 3 months or refrigerated up to 2 weeks. Recipe for Spiced Apple Butter from our recipe section.


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