Halloween Recipes

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Halloween Recipes

People living with diabetes face a challenge on Halloween: what to do when you’re surrounded by all that candy. While friends and family are busy gobbling up their sweets, those with diabetes have to be careful. There are lots of things you can enjoy eating on Halloween besides candy, and this area provides recipes for cookies, cupcakes, cakes and more.

Halloween Recipes


Creamy Pumpkin Apple Bisque

Enjoy the tastes of the season with this decadent soup. Recipe for Creamy Pumpkin Apple Bisque from our Food and Dining recipe section.

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Pumpkin Roll

Recipe for Pumpkin Roll from our Dessert recipe section.

Pumpkin Polka Dot Cookies

Chocolate chips enhance the flavor of the pumpkin and spices in these easy to make drop cookies. Recipe for Pumpkin Polka Dot Cookies from our Dessert recipe section.

Baked Cinnamon Applesauce

A unique applesauce that bakes in your oven. Citrus flavors enhance the 2 different apple varieties used. Delicious enough to serve as a healthy dessert. Recipe for Baked Cinnamon Applesauce from our Dessert recipe section.


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